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I want to try out something new

Studying a musical instrument was and will be a good alternative when it comes to choosing a new hobby, and when it comes to the children's favorite instruments, the piano is certainly one of the most beloved instruments.

Parents need to be aware of the beneficial contribution of studying an instrument to the emotional development of children and to guide their children to music in all its forms. Thus, in the future, little children will design their new social life through their experiences in childhood.
The benefits of studying music are amazing. New connections have emerged between the formation and development of the nervous system but also of the emotional intelligence through musical sounds. So the piano is definitely one of the best choices, because it quickly develops the cognitive capabilities of children, shapes their personality, develops them creatively, and increases their confidence in themselves.

With piano classes increasing the level of attention over a longer period of time, children take courage in their own actions and live harmonious fulfillments through the success of the performed artistic acts. Studying piano does not require a great amount of exercise and thus the actual time spent on the instrument will be small but steady.

The ideal age for starting a piano study is 5-6 years. Of course the average may differ, depending on the physical and mental development of a child. However, it is best to have the future pianists not less than 4 years old.

From the physical point of view, the maturation of the muscles and the bones of the hands and back is important in the piano study. The wrong piano position can obstruct the correct development of the spine.

For beginners who want to study the piano more seriously, individual lessons are recommended so that the teacher can focus their attention on the student. Basic lessons in the first 3.4 months are very important and require greater care, attention and special communication from the teacher. The relationship between the student and the teacher will be much better done in an individual lesson. The results appear faster and more qualitatively to a child who attends individual piano lessons.

For those who want to do hobby piano classes, group piano lessons with colleagues and friends of the same age are also useful, which helps them spend quality time together, doing a novel activity. Piano classes in the group are ideal for introducing into the piano world, but also for stimulating creativity, communication, socialization and musical development.

Hoping to convince you of the benefits of piano classes, we are waiting for you at Balet Art to follow your dreams.

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